Hi Love, 

When I as a bride, I came across many beautiful items, such as brass-dipped flatware or artisan stoneware, and grew envious of these pieces at my wedding.

Why, you ask? Simply because they felt like love...intentional love. It felt like a lovely dinner amongst friends where the laughs and the wine didn't stop. It felt like nights where you didn't want to leave the dinner table or mornings where breakfast turned into brunch. 

Couldn't we all use more of that? I sure think so. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of luxe?

 I'd like to formally introduce you to TableMade, your one-stop shop for all your entertaining needs. Our assortment is expansive and unique. We've been up and down the East Coast from Virginia to Florida, from small elopements to 400 guest events. Despite the scale of these events, one thing remains the same: our care for our clients and the quality of our collection.

Now, in our fifth year, we are more focused than ever on bringing only the best to every table.

It would be our honor to join yours.

With style,

Tammy L. Noel